Super Saturday: Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Last Sunday, I went out for chocolate with the girls and stumbled into the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. (372 Fifth Ave.) Excelsior!


  1. Yeah, I love that store. Completely crazy and completely cool.

  2. Response A: Ah, now I know where you shop for your awesome!

    Response B: Dude! We are so there next time I drift down to your neighborhood!

    (Word verification: voing! Which is the sound Thor's hammer makes when it bounces off of Ultron's metal skull.)

  3. Wow! We need one of those out in Seattle (what with all our real life costumed vigilantes!)!

  4. Holy Moley! Is that real?! MUST GO THERE!

  5. BigFella: My one regret is that I didn't know about this when you were in the area.

    LOL at "Voing!" Or maybe any day I get to visualize Thor hammering Ultron in the head is a good day.

    Barking Alien: The store is physically there, but I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a bit unclear on the intent. Maybe a rotating art exhibit? My girlfriend actually almost did buy a pair of boots. Obviously the bottles of "Telepathy", etc., are not as advertised.

  6. "The store is physically there, but I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a bit unclear on the intent. Maybe a rotating art exhibit?"

    It's the front room of a writing workshop for kids, started by Dave Eggers. There are more in other cities. In Boston, it's the Bigfoot Research Institute.

    In Seattle, it's Greenwood Space Travel Supply.
    In Chicago it's The Boring Store, a spy supply store.
    In San Francisco, it's a pirate supply store.
    Ann Arbor is a robot supply shop.
    LA is Time Travel Mart.
    DC is the Museum of Unnatural History


  7. Adding: there's probably a secret, hidden door in the back of the superhero supply shop, that leads to the main part of the space where the tutoring happens.

    Might even be disguised as a shelving unit.

  8. The "supplies" like bottles of antigravity and cans of invisibility are a pretty clever way for a non-profit to raise money.

    FYI, for your readers who aren't close to Brooklyn, you can order things from their website.