OED Character Sheet

It's been a little quiet here for the last month or so, as my last academic semester teaching CS got hectic. Now I'm excited to have time to get back to some gaming projects I've had on the back-burner for a while. In particular, Wandering DMs Season 2 is on the way in a few weeks, and Paul & I have a bunch of nifty ideas I can't wait to see come to fruition (in the meantime, you can check out Season 1 in video or podcast form, and there's new patron-only videos being released each week through the holidays if you want even more).

In the meantime, here's a surprise gift: The official OED Character Sheet that we've been fine-tuning in play for the last year or so. It's a digest-sized, form-fillable PDF that automatically generates your ability scores, total encumbrance, and even movement score as you go. When I use this for pregenerated PCs, NPCs, and hirelings, I can get a character complete in about a minute. There's also a two-record form so you can print on a sheet of normal paper, cut it, and have blanks on hand at the table (always needed for emergency replacements). Get it on the OED Games website, linked below. Merry Christmas!