Book of Spells, 2nd Edition Released!

Original Edition Delta: Book of Spells, 2nd Edition has been released as of today. In case you don't know what that means, here's the elevator pitch:
A concise, comprehensive collection of magic spells for use with the "original edition" fantasy game rules (as published by Gygax & Arneson, 1974-1975). A handy supplement for both DMs and players of wizard characters. Now revised & edited with extra care for the 2nd Edition! All of the spells have been refined and polished to let their essential facets shine brightly -- bringing them in even closer alignment with the original game. It's easier than ever for DMs and players to use and remember any wizard spell at the table without slowing down the game.
For those of you have been waiting since Dec-1 for me to get this out, I greatly appreciate your patience. There's definitely a lesson here for how ludicrously OCD I get at the end of a project, reviewing and re-reading and re-editing tiny details over and over again on a daily basis (I think I have over 20 edited version of the thing on my hard drive, most in the last few weeks). I guess in the future I need to make more of a push early on to really finalize stuff to my satisfaction. And also not schedule that work right during final exams where I teach.

I encourage you to get a PDF copy so you can store and duplicate it when you need to, and provide a copy to each wizard player at your table (especially when they don't have the old books). But the print copies from Lulu are quite nice, and personally I get a stack of about a half-dozen and keep the handy for all my games. If you need it by the holiday you can still get expedited shipping. :-)

Get it at Lulu, by the links below or in the updated sidebar. Enormous thanks to everyone who's commented on the blog here or by email, many of your comments were incorporated and made big improvements in places, by my standards. Looking forward to any comments you may have in the future. Happy Yuletide!


Book of Spells 2E Delayed

 Pascal is famed for having said:

I made this very long, because I did not have the leisure to make it shorter.

Well, granted that the prime directive for the Book of Spells, 2nd Edition is "maximal brevity", even though I've been promising a release today (Monday, Dec-1), I am going to be taking some damn time to make it even shorter. And hopefully better. More specifically: I had some really wonderful and detailed comments and suggestions from reviewers for improvements, and I fell behind on reading, defending, and acting on them (entirely my own fault over the Thanksgiving weekend). So I'll be taking another few days to make sure it's as polished as I can make it with everyone's help. Hopefully later this week? Thanks for your patience!