Dan's Diminutive d20, Version 1.1

Update to Dan's Diminutive d20 after more playtests & analysis. Primary changes are as follows:
  • "Uniform Feats" which more closely match core rules feat acquisition, but spread evenly across levels. Fighters get a feat every level; rogues every 3/4; wizards every 1/2 level (that is, same as attack bonus). That's it.
  • Iterative attacks at high levels got cut out. Take the feat "Rapid Attack" if you want that.
  • Supplement downloads: PC Stock Parties (what I use for playtests) and Quick NPC Creation (what I use for NPC magic gear in about 1 minute flat).

There's a few more details if you're watching closely. Wizards get Knowledge (Arcana) at start, not all Knowledge skills. Skills are based on class level (not character level), to avoid obvious multiclass dipping. Reach weapons are given a simple ruling.

Thanks to everyone who's given comments recently! And special thanks to Simon Bull for his early email comments that actually inspired me to release the first version in this online format.



Dan's Diminutive d20

Newly Released: Dan's Diminutive d20 is a free, minimal offshoot of the d20 System, published under the Open Game License. It assumes familiarity and use of the 3rd Edition System Reference Document (plus open game content from Unearthed Arcana). Major features include:
  • Generic Classes: 3 core classes (Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard), with easy-to-remember saves and skills.
  • Limited Levels, Magic, and Feats: Limited to 12 character levels, 5 magic items maximum, and class bonus feats only.
  • Level-Based Skills: No skill points are spent or recorded.
  • Equipment in Brief: Your core adventuring needs, with a unique measurement system that makes encumbrance a snap.
  • Monsters Redux: All the major monsters, reduced to fit in just 3 pages.

If my "Diminutive d20" sounds like something you'd like to check out, go download it over here: http://www.superdan.net/dimd20 . Comments welcome!