A Life-Long Study of the Text

Random supernaturally prescient quote of the day: from Ares magazine July 1980, in a review meant to slam D&D (via Grognardia):
The original rules rate as one of the worst of all time, including fractured English, garbled text, contradictory rules, a re-invention of mythology, and passing references to crucial rules. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons was meant to remedy this situation. Actually, in place of previous rules maladies, the gaming public received an overwritten, jumbled mass of discourse upon D&D which can only be assimilated by making a life-long study of the text.


  1. A member of my gaming group said my Holmes site was "like a dissertation". I think it was meant as a compliment. :)

  2. @ Zenopus-If they didn't mean it as such then I will say yes it is a compliment. There is only one other site that covers Holmes in detail and they still can't hold a candlestick to yours. Be proud, that's a fine site.

    I auto-send folks there who don't quite get the whole '3 kinds of Basic' concept.

  3. I'll also call it complimentary. :-)

  4. @Delta: Absolutely on target. I felt the same way when I read that the other day.

    @ ZA: As someone in the middle of writing a dissertation, I'd guess that you're probably having more people actually reading, thinking about and using your work than the average (or even exceptional) dissertation. From my current position I'd say it was damning by faint praise, but objectively it's best taken as a compliment.

  5. They say it like it's a bad thing...