The Big Bad

Geez, 2020, am I right?

Between pandemic, online teaching, medical emergencies, quarantines and curfews... etc. ... we all deserve some hefty XP for staying in the game. "May you live in interesting times", as the saying goes, and we do. I owe lots of people a bunch of posts, replies, and emails.

Here's another thing I've been working on feverishly with Paul at Wandering DMs: The Big Bad. It's a new online show that we'll be releasing in the fall, and we're so excited about it that it's almost painful. We chatted about it publicly for the first time on Lord Gosumba's 100th Episode of Greyhawk Gabbin' on Twitch last night, you should check it out of you're intrigued (about an hour into this marathon episode; the whole thing's great -- note luminary Len Lakofka/Leomund on with us).

Right now we have a dedicated page where we'll roll out more information and clips as we record sessions through the summer.We hope you'll follow us on YouTube and The Big Bad website for more information, coming soon!

Also, wear a mask because we want you at full health.


  1. You and Paul have been doing a great job on Wandering DMs. The interviews, Book of War playtests, and conversations with Paul about topics in D&D have been well worth watching. Congratulations on scoring the interview with R.A. Salvatore. Hopefully that will help drive up viewership. Your channel is currently very underrated.

    More interviews with old-school gamers and game designers would be great. Check out the guests that have been on the GrogTalk channel--people such as Ernie Gygax, Michael Mornard, Skip Williams, and others who were involved in old school gaming. If they were willing to be interviewed by GrogTalk, they might be willing to be interviewed by you too.

    1. Thanks so much for saying that! We're definitely looking for more interviews with people in that category, great thoughts there.