Testing Crescent-Headed Arrows

Mark Stretton posts test results of using a crescent-headed arrow to hunt game, slice sails, and cut ropes holding heavy weights in the field. Interesting stuff! Warning: Includes photos from shooting the carcass of a goose for testing purposes.


  1. Oh sweet Petunia! Have we reached the point where hunting (dead) game requires a trigger warning?

  2. So crescent arrows are not practical in a real world sense, and really only good for "trick" arrows.
    But they may still have some use in a game where amazing feats of daring-do are more common for high-level "mythic" figures.

  3. What I'm seeing is that there are some uses for crescent-shaped arrowheads, but those are very specific cases.

    On a related note, everything that I've seen so far indicates that the reason that fire arrows are pretty rare in history is that they are not very effective. I mean, if they go into dry thatch, that's one thing, but they have a hard time setting fires in any other material - and dry thatch is pretty rare.

  4. Wow that war bow blog is quite an amazing resource.

    The efficacy of brigandine is surprising!