Thiefly Thursday: Running & Climbing Videos

Just in case you didn't seem them in the comments under the Climbing Through the Ages discussion, here are two excellent videos you should watch of athletic activities researched in plate armor (thanks to Rando and Joshua Macy for pointing these out):


  1. Might be noteworthy that in the second video at 6:10 the three suit up. The time it takes for the firefighter/soldier/knight to don their gear could be comparable to leather/chain/plate. The knight even had two assistants and the soldier one.

    Slightly comical to think of every thief with a pair of boots upright inside their pants at the foot of their bed. Makes sense though!

  2. Neat stuff. It was interesting to note too that the knight in the second video was about 10 years older than the other two.

    They coulda propped up a couple skeletons to bash at, or maybe make a gelatinous cube out of ballistic gel that they'd have to fight thru. Then it would have been a little more accurate to D&D ;)