Spells Through the Ages Polymorph – Polymorph Matrix

We've had some extensive reflectections on the various polymorph spells in the past (link one, two). I just realized that I made a graphical matrix of abilities conferred by polymorph in editions from 0th to 3rd, but never posted it here. See below:


  1. Interesting! I think later-edition attempts to turn Polymorph into a spell that granted set bonuses, with the actual form assumed only a "special effect," in Champions terminology, was a gross mistake, but it's remarkable to see how similar the spell was even in 3E to earlier editions in most respects.

    1. I agree. I think the main problem in 3E is that the number-crunching (replace all ability bonuses with the new form, and I think a subset of skill points, feats, etc.) became overwhelming to be done at the table, and so with 3.5 that whole mess was struck out for other stuff.