One Page Dungeon Contest 2014

Since 2009, the One Page Dungeon Contest has been one of the more exciting, accessible, and well-known annual events out here in the cyber-reality of your old-school gaming revival. This year it's being organized by Random Wizard (Mundi King), who's always had some great insights into our game. I wanted to put out a quick reminder that if you want to join in, you have until April-30 to get your submission in and have a crack at a slew of really cool prizes from more than a dozen industry sponsors.

This year the judges will include -- Ernie Gygax, Steve Winter, Brendan S, Martin Thomas, and Dan "Delta" Collins. [needle skip] Wait, what? I don't how I got included in there but damn, that's super cool. I can't wait to see the entries! Check it out at the official site:

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