OED Update (v. 1.01)

From time to time I update my OED House Rules for Original D&D with edits that come up from play, questions I get from readers, or just things that pop into my head. Today I'm making some changes (partly to use in upcoming games) and making this version 1.01.

In some places these are just minor language changes to more clearly express the intent. Rules changes that you might notice are: (1) increasing the price of armor -- chain mail is now 50 and plate mail 200, (2) in weapons, adding the hammer (from Sup-I) and giving a special bonus to flails (ignore target shield), (3) adjusting the penalty for man-to-man bowfire to -4 medium, -8 long range, and (4) making some new miscellaneous rulings for shooting into groups or at very long distance. Each of these items will get an explanatory post in the near future.

You can download OED House Rules v.101 from the OED Games website, linked below. Also, see the Player Aid Card and ODT Document with sidebar comments in the add-ons here.

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