SciFi Saturday – Race to Raurtige Scenario

Continuing our series of new scenarios for the Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks game, here's one featuring a battle near a nonstandard, gas-giant-sized planet. The planet Raurtige here broadly resembles the planet Saturn; I like this size (12 hexes in diameter) because it neatly divides the standard hexmap into thirds -- the planet takes up the middle and leaves two channels on either side for navigation. Use the Saturn-sized graphic from last week's SFKH post; and note that for the example in our own Solar System, there is one world-sized moon approximately two map-boards distant, and numerous other small moons and a ring system that can be effectively ignored.

One other item: This game features a UPF Light Cruiser, and although I'd like all these scenarios to be usable in either the Basic or Advanced games,  the Basic Game doesn't include any statistics for the that ship type. Therefore I present applicable stats for the Light Cruiser below (basically splitting the difference between the Destroyer and Heavy Cruiser types):
Light Cruiser (in Basic Game):
HP 70, ADF 2, MR 2;
Weapons: LC, LBx2, T(4), RB(7);
Defenses: RH, MS (x2), ICM (x6).
Have fun!

Scenario Delta-4: RACE TO RAURTIGE

An otherwise unremarkable star system outside settled Frontier space suddenly begins beaming a broadcast message in an alien language! On the off chance that this represents some technological or resource advantage, both the UPF and Sathar forces send fast task forces to the giant gas-planet of Raurtige, from which the beacon is transmitting. Each has orders to drive off the other side.

UPF Ships
  1. UPFS Valorous (Light Cruiser)
  2. UPFS Melinda McCoy (Destroyer)
  3. UPFS Lancet (Assault Scout)
  4. UPFS K'Riss (Assault Scout)

Sathar Ships
  1. SAV Balefire (Destroyer)
  2. SAV Corruption (Destroyer)
  3. SAV Disease (Frigate)
  4. SAV Convulsion (Frigate)

Setting Up. The gas giant Raurtige is placed in the middle of the map, centered at hex 2720 (12 hexes in diameter, it takes up about 1/3 the width of the map). Each player sets up on opposite short ends of the map, with all their ships traveling at a speed of 10. Roll dice to determine which player sets up and moves first.

Special Rules. The giant planet's gravity field is so strong that any ship may take an extra turn towards the planet during its movement, if so desired. In addition, orbiting can be done at any point on the map board; pick a location, reduce ship speed to 0, and the ship will continue moving at 1 hex/turn at a constant distance from the planet.

Victory Conditions. Whichever player drives off all the opposing ships is declared to be the winner.

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