HelgaCon VI - Adam's Games

At HelgaCon a few weeks back, I was running AD&D module D1 Descent Into the Depths of the Earth, in the same Saturday afternoon slot that our friend Adam was set to run a big Paranoia game. Thus, I didn't get to play in that, but Adam honored me with the professional courtesy to check out what he was setting up in advance, and wow was it impressive! (I've run a prop-heavy Paranoia game in the distant past, but this one utterly put me to shame.) All I can say about the gameplay is that around the time my players were tiptoeing around a hungry purple worm, one of Adam's players ran through our area to the kitchen, wearing red oven mitts and a red hat, to retrieve a can of Coke in obvious haste. Other than that all I can give you is a short gallery view of the table setup:

(Okay, one hint: Don't take any Skittles that aren't colored-coded to your proper security clearance, eh?)

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