Siege on the Borderlands

A Book of War Scenario in Honor of Bastille Day: Sack the Keep on the Borderlands

This Saturday is Bastille Day! In honor of the birth of modern France (my partner's homeland), I invite you kids to have fun storming the castle -- namely, the Keep on the Borderlands.

Below you'll find a link to my brief PDF notes for the Book of War scenario, Siege on the Borderlands, which features a massive monster horde attempting to escalade the Keep by surprise at the dark of night. This includes a complete roster for those forces found in the Keep, as well as a monstrous army (6 times larger than the nearby Caves of Chaos; and only by attacking at night does even this legion have a chance of quickly taking the Keep). You'll need some kind of model or scale map (1" = 20 ft) of the Keep to run it.

I ran this scenario several times last year with excellent results; it's really kind of fascinating to see players on both sides evaluate plans, take some initial losses, and revise strategies on the fly. Stay cool!


  1. You need to do the sequel to a successful assault.

    Where an attempt is made to retake the Keep from the survivors of the monstrous legion.

  2. That's an excellent idea! :-)

  3. Dammit, I've been meaning to do this with my own mass combat rules for awhile (even have the spreadsheets to show my progress), but everything else has conspired to put this on the backburner.

    Thanks for the PDF.

  4. Cool scenario! Thanks for posting, from a big Keep fan.

  5. Thanks for the compliments! I really have enjoyed running this and being surprised by the players on each side just about every time. Really fun stuff.