OED Update (v. 1.0)

Over the last few years, I've been posting versions of my refinements to the Original D&D rules under the title "Original Edition Delta", with version numbers of 0.x. Seems like it's finally time to increment that to 1.0, since these house-rules seem to have largely stabilized, and seem pretty satisfying to work with in any of the games that I've run recently. This version is pretty much the same as the last one (0.11), with some very minor wording changes, and the added note that 1 turn = 1 minute ~ 5 rounds, as discussed recently.

Download from OEDGames.com:


  1. Awesome! I have read many posts by you but I don't think I ever actually read all your houserules. That is a very useful little document, I like the fighter feats and a lot of the ways you tightened the OD&D screws down. Have you posted the special tables referenced for critical hits/fumbles on your blog?

  2. Carl -- That's a good question; I don't think I have because it's just an article from an old Dragon magazine. I'll plan to dig it up and post it next week, as a matter of fact.

  3. Good afternoon, long-time reader, first time commenter.

    I have a clarification question:

    Page 1 of OED 1.0 under "Classes" is the following (abbreviated):
    Fighters: atks +1 per level.
    Thieves: atks +2/3 per level.
    Wizards: atks +1/2 per level.
    I read "atks" to be the "attack bonus" referred to on p. 3: "Attacks are made by rolling d20 + attack bonus + AC of target and scoring 20 or more."

    However, the player aid uses the standard "Target 20" mechanic for combat: "Attacks are rolled d20 + level + AC ≥ 20."

    Can I ask whether you use the "Target 20" mechanic (+1 per level) for combat to-hit rolls or the "atks"/"attack bonus" (slightly lower for Thieves and Wizards)?


    1. Good question -- It's intended to be the same thing, and it just got extra-compressed on the player aid summary card. When it says "+ level" that's shorthand for "+ attack bonus from class level". Obviously it's literally the same thing for fighters & monsters, and only changes a bit for thieves/wizards. Maybe I compressed that a bit too much on the summary card.