Failed My Saving Throw

Okay, so what's it been, nearly two months since I last posted? As I mentioned previously, I got a new full-time-plus teaching position this spring, and the avalanche of the workload just totally buried me and kept me from posting on things game related. (You may know that the first semester of any teaching gig is mega-intense, and then it gets sequentially easier.)

I just had final exams this past week, so I'm hoping I can do some at-least occasional posting here again. This weekend I went through and replied to unanswered questions in the comments here (so if you had a question from April, check back below). And, I also have a truly embarrassing giant mound of unanswered emails on gaming issues, which I'll try to respond to when I can.

Couple thoughts from the last several weeks -- Not normally a Joss Whedon fanboy, but he's provided some very fine entertainment recently. Consider: If you run Death Frost Doom through a cheese cloth and look at it kind of sideways, you get something that appears very much like the movie Cabin in the Woods.

Also: Enormous sympathies to my good friends and acquaintances who worked at now-shuttered 38 Studios in Providence. Having has a chance to visit earlier this year, the intensity and passion was tangible, and you truly deserved better. Epically tragic.


  1. Gotta take care of the day gig first. Just glad to see you're posting!