Super Saturday: Shift X

In the past week, this blog hit 150+ followers, making it officially "Shift X" as per the Sorcerer's Skull OSR Blogger Advancement Table, Superhero Flavor (otherwise known as the Marvel FASERIP Universal Table). Zounds, that's as powerful as when Thor hits you with his hammer! As always, big thanks to everyone who reads and/or comments here. :-)


  1. I subscribe to your (excellent) blog via Google reader.

    I publicly follow blogs to support them also, but didn't realize you could follow a blog without the widget.

    I am positive your readership is higher than 150 people.

  2. Congrats, Delta! Your Hotspot has been on my Must Read list for some time. Keep reelin' 'em in!

  3. You guys always make my day! :-D

  4. Cross the rainbow bridge of Asgard, where the booming heavens roar,
    You behold in wide eyed wonder,
    the god of thunder, Mighty Delta!

    (Forsooth, rhyming is for mere mortals!)

  5. Congratulations! Onward to Beyond.