Light Posting

In the last two weeks: (a) I came down with the flu, (b) my computer crashed with a virus, and (c) my school almost tripled my normal workload for the semester starting this week. (And just for fun my desklamp also did a weeklong flickery crash-and-burn while I'm trying to pore over a new-to-me 1400-page math book, something out of a cyberpunk dystopia...)

So: I've got the first two items fixed in the last few days, but unfortunately a big backlog of email to which I just re-acquired access (big apologies to those who sent stuff and are waiting on replies from me). And even though I've got a big list of things that I'm eager to write about and get some feedback on, posting may be light for a few weeks. Fight on!


  1. You caught a virus, then your computer, not wanting to be left out, did too.

    Take care of yourself. Don't kill yourself trying to get back to us demanding internet denizens.

  2. Glad yer feelin' better. When life gives you lemons at least you're getting some Vitamin C out of it.

  3. Take your time, keep healthy, get your school-related things sorted out. I've always come to this blog for the quality of posts rather than their quantity.

  4. Thanks for the good thoughts! I am trapped by the quality of your logic. :-)