Super Saturday: MSH Box Delta

So this interaction happened between me & my girlfriend a few weeks ago: 

D: [Walks into room.] Hey, let me show you something. 

I: What? 

D: Here's the box to this old role-playing game, Marvel Super Heroes. Normally it features the headshots of these four primary heroes, but I added one myself. I found a headshot of Thor, printed it out at the right scale, cut it out, and glued it in place. 

I: Wow, you really had a thing for Thor back when you were a teenager, didn't you? 

D: Yeah, I really did... [Walks out of room]

D: [Walks back into room.] You realize I'm saying that I just did this last night? 

I: Oh.


  1. She is a strong and patient woman.

  2. You are a very, very lucky man :)

  3. Now there's some awesome truth, right there. :-)

  4. I can visualize this exchange perfectly, and every time I do I laugh uproariously. Thanks for that. :)