Chainmail Conversions Poll Results

I've got a number of old polls that I've asked on this blog, and haven't had time to present or comment on the results. Here's one: In January of this year I asked the question, "What's the best way to convert modifiers from Chainmail?" This was at the end of a discussion in which it was pointed out that since the Chainmail Man-to-Man combat system was based on rolling 2d6 (range of 11), any modifiers should really be scaled by ×2 when switching to a d20 roll (range of 20); but despite that, a clear precedent was set in OD&D and AD&D to simply copy any such modifiers directly and unchanged (i.e., 1:1). So this poll had a clear favorite among readers who expressed an opinion -- In general, you prefer (77%) to convert those modifiers at a 2-for-1 rate, even where it diverges from published (A)D&D. Thanks for the feedback!

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