Chi is for Charisma

A common question when people see one of my short character stat-blocks: "What is the X for?" Because they're looking at something like: "S17, I10, W13, D12, C15, X10". (For example, see my cut-down character sheets here.)

And my answer is (the title probably gave it away): "That's a Greek letter 'Chi' which is standing in for Charisma". From Wikipedia: "charisma (pl. charismata, adj. charismatic; from the Greek χαρισμα, meaning 'favor given' or 'gift of grace')" This being my minimally-clever way of having a one-character abbreviation for each ability (and dodging the two-"c" issue between constitution & charisma).

This week's edition of Delta's D&D Hotspot has been brought to you by the letter Chi.


  1. Brilliant! Can’t believe I never thought of it myself.

  2. That's brilliant! I've typeset my character sheets in LaTeX so that's doubly nice.

  3. Writing the footnotes for my house rules I was just wondering where I picked that up from. Mad props!