Bismarck for Two

One thing I've recently learned is that the incredibly asymmetric Avalon Hill game Bismarck (previously discussed here) is really an excellent choice for me & my girlfriend to spend an evening playing. On my side (British), I get to play a pretty in-depth wargame with lots of air & naval units, tracking fuel and coordinating search operations, etc. On her side (German), she gets to move her 2 elusive ships per turn and then spend most of the evening doing her knitting & drinking tea, waiting for me to finish my move. At some point things start blowing up and one or the other of us gets a whole lot happier.

It seems like we're both improving our skill with the game; as of this writing we're 2-to-2 in recent games. An interesting choice when you've got one player significantly more "hardcore" than the other.


  1. Interesting, sounds like my wife might like it.

  2. Old D&D is like that too. You have some classes that are more involved to play than others. Something 4th bulldozered over.