Computer Code Poll Results

So a few weeks back I posted a poll asking "What computer language(s) would you find the most useful?", thinking in terms of what would be best to read, code-check, and tweak parameters for certain statistical results. You can see the results at the top here. Somewhat embarrassingly, the selection that won (Python) is one of the only ones in the list that I haven't personally touched previously. (Remember, I just picked this from the top of the current TIOBE standings.) So what you'll get in the immediate future are some code listings in the 2nd place runner-up, which is to say, Java. And in the longer term I'll take this as motivation to start picking up Python, add something a bit more modern to my skill set, and interface with the current gamer/coder community more smoothly. And I really appreciate the votes and the recommendation!


  1. Any C-like language, including Java, should be an adequate lingua franka.

    You should take a look at Ruby. It's in the same niche as Python. I've been using it a lot lately. Both are nicely readable.

  2. Particularly for snippets or algorithm illustration, I usually find that Python and Ruby look a lot like pseudo-code for Java, anyway (unless you're relying on closures or lambda functions for your snippets).

  3. Kind of sad that Perl wasn't on the list. C and Java are crazy languages to even consider for this sort of thing. The fact that Windows doesn't come with any languages installed by default doesn't help, of course.