Back from HelgaCon

Back from the weekend HelgaCon, and it was flat-out awesome! Here's a quick summary in pictures -- more to come later:

Screen setup for my Friday night OD&D (Original Edition Delta) game, "G2: Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl" by Gary Gygax:

First round of the Book of War Round Robin Tournament:

Saturday afternoon "Siege on the Borderlands" (using Book of War):

My character for BigFella's Labyrinth Lord game, "Thousand Year Sandglass: The Fallen Obelisk" (lives again for 2nd year running, and so does his brother, run by Paul. Note to self: Get my magic spear back before next year!):

The table for Paul's run of the Advanced D&D adventure, "Into the Forgotten Realms" by Ed Greenwood (with the snacks that my CN war-god cleric referred to as battle cheese -- like Swiss but embedded with gunpowder, courtesy BigFella):

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