OED Player Tables

Made up a summary page of important tables in my Original Edition Delta game. This gets slid into the player's side of my custom landscape GM screen.


  1. Thanks once again for your excellent creations.

  2. Nice. Your book of spells is good too - the most usuable and easily understood versions of the D&D spells I've seen.

  3. Have you posted anywhere else about the rest of you screen?

    Care to release a compiled version of what you're using for printing? :D

  4. Delta, what are you using for a custom screen? One you made yourself or one commercially available?

  5. Oh yeah, I'm just using the Savage Worlds customizable GM screen -- landscape format, 6 page-sized pockets front & back. My friends were using them at our convention a year ago and I feel in love with it. A bit pricey with shipping.

    What I do now is put some adventure cover art & this player aid on the outside, inside is (1) dungeon map, (2) adventure creature roster, (3) critical hits charts from Dragon #39 :).

    Honestly, the first heavy use of it occurs this weekend at our annual mini-convention. Might be tuned up after that, we'll see how it goes after I run 3 games.