HelgaCon III -- Other Games

A quick note about the other convention games I played in, both run by BJ as the DM. He'll be writing them up better than I can, so I'll be linking over to his blog site.

Friday night: Analog Team Fortress 2 -- miniatures game with Savage Worlds rules. This ended as a real nail-biter, Scouts with briefcases (capture-the-flag style) running through crossfire in opposite directions towards our end zones. We manage to win when I outdraw the opposing Scout's initiative "3" to "2", and then rolling a 10-on-d10 twice in a row for my run checks! Apparently the quote of the weekend was my crack, "My head's a freaking intelligence magnet!" (after riffing all night on the Scout's audio blurb from the Team Fortress 2 video game).

Saturday afternoon: Valley of the Forgotten Kings -- part of BJ's Arabian-themed "Thousand Year Sandglass" campaign, using Labyrith Lord (Basic D&D) rules. This was great stuff, and we were very successful in exploring & treasure-gathering. Paul & I made fighter brothers (after I noticed that we'd rolled mostly the same stats), and we had great fun side-by-side in heavy armor at the party's front. We were ribbing each other, but supportive, finding our Persian voices pretty quickly ("Ah, my brother! Why did I not think of that?!"). BJ claims he was sick as a dog during this session, but you honestly couldn't tell.

Click the links above to see more from BJ's site!

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