OED on Roll20

OED Character Sheet on Roll20

Hey, did you know there's an official Original Edition Delta Character Record Sheet available on Roll20? Yessiree Bob, there sure is.

This a joint work between myself and Jameson Proctor (Campaign Games, Forts & Frontiers), to whom I'm immensely grateful for starting this project. The sheet's actually been online for over a year at this point, but I just recently found some time to make all the OCD/OED tweaks that would make me extra-happy to use it myself.

We've tried to keep it fairly lightweight and flexible so DMs have the freedom to adjudicate details to their personal taste. But for convenience, we've added these webby features:

  • Auto-calculation of ability score bonuses.
  • Auto-calculation of movement rate from encumbrance.
  • Push-button for saving throws (based on character level).
  • Push-button for attack rolls (rolling both attack & damage).
  • Auto-summing of equipment encumbrance values.
  • Checkbox interface for memorizing spellbook entries.

When you're making a new game on Roll20, or updating an old game via the Settings > Game Settings > Character Sheet Template menu, you can scroll down to "Original Edition Delta" -- or just search for "delta", and that will bring it up.

Hopefully this will suit your purposes if you're playing our style of lightly-adjusted old-school game. I like to think I'm pretty good at testing & debugging this kind of work, so it looks pretty solid to my eye at this time. But please check it out and leave a comment on anything you think I missed.

Fight on!

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