Original Edition Delta House Rules v. 1.0.6

OED Players Rules 1.0.6
For the new year, a new release of the OED house rules -- the first update since about 2 years ago. See the new Players, Judges, and Monster rules in full at OEDGames.com.

(Full disclosure: this is not really super new. We didn't get to play very much in 2020, so this is pretty much the same thing as I could have released last January.)

Here's an overview of what's been modified since last time:

Players' Rules

  • Increase halfling ranged bonus from +2 to +4 (synchs with other d20 race bonuses at +4, emulates Sup-I/MM large bonus, visible in mass combat scale as in Chainmail). 
  • Berserking feat boosted to +4 on attacks & all saves (better balance with other feats)
  • Weapon Specialization feat boosted to +2 attacks (better balance with other feats, matches damage bonus, similar to UA ranged specialty)
  • Add "Pace" as unit descriptor of 5-foot square

Judges' Rules

  • Shift high-level ability tiers by one level (incl. 1st level as in Players' rules)
  • Give an extra language at 1st level.
  • Undead immune to crits & backstabs.
  • Dragons modify attacks, saves, breath becomes dice, skip subdual.
  • Diseases used a bit more specified. 
  • Remove use Good Hits & Bad Misses for crits/fumbles (crits become dbl damage).

Monster Database

  • Bear, Bull, Ram, Jackal added (from Bag of Tricks in Greyhawk)
  • Wolf edited to 2 HD (per same, and also Swords & Spells)
  • White Ape boosted 5 to 6 HD (as shown in Warriors of Mars)
  • Dragons get new DragonAge keyword (easier parsing in Arena program)
  • Ghast, Troglodyte added (from AD&D MM)
  • Correct larger Roc HD#'s
  • Edit some borderline EHDs

 Furthermore, throughout each document there have been some minor wording clarifications, some optional ideas moved to the notes, and lots of new historical-type endnotes added. Other good ideas very recently discussed on the WDMs talk show by us and our cunning viewers are here yet -- they're still to be tested. Leave a comment if you see something you like, want to add, or think is a big mistake. As always, this is greatly improved by your feedback and future games!


  1. Awesome stuff. This is still my favorite collection for house rules for OD&D. I liked every change in the Players' Rules.

    1. Fantastic, thanks so much for saying that!! :-D

    2. I'm going to be boring and just agree with Eric. All those rules changes look sensible and usable.

    3. Thank you so much for that! Much appreciate the sanity-check. :-)

  2. Thanks for the update! I liked the subtle changes in the choice of some words. A really careful revision.

    1. Ooh, you saw that, now you're who I'm writing for. :-)

  3. I just listened to the Wandering DMs episode on player money. I always enjoys the takes you both have on rules and the games! I’m curious about this extensive notes list you spoke about. There sounded like there were some ideas to consider for my home table. Any chance those notes could get on the blog?

    1. Thanks for saying that, glad that was useful to you! Are you thinking of Paul's notes that he described at one point? Maybe I could him to post that on his blog.