Dressing in Armor Videos

Four nice videos on dressing and undressing in armor. Conclusions: The inner gambeson may take a few minutes to lace up. Chain mail can come on or off in a few seconds if you know what you're doing. Plate mail requires assistance, taking around 10 minutes to put on, and 3 minutes to take off.


  1. What about the time to make each of these? I also wondered why chain is cheaper even when it seems to be slower to produce than plate...
    It seems that chain could be made by anyone and parallelized while plate needs more technic and is harder to parallelize the production.


    Leather: 3-7 days for a cuirass with accessories, upwards of a week for scale cuirasses without accessories

    Maille: For a fully manned manufactory, a week plus for a butted hauberk, upwards of three for a riveted one

    Plate: Two or three days for a breastplate, plus another two or three days for each accessory. Months for a full movie-style knight set, if you want to be able to move.