The Master's Monastery, Ep. 1

A minimalist game log.

Real date: 3/16/18. Fantasy date: Mars 1st, 4729.
  • Briefly describe island kingdom of Ormea and village of Hospilmas. Create six new 2nd-level characters, equip, and provision them.
  • Depart for legendary monastery on edge of bogs, between long lake and dark woods. No lost or wandering results.
  • Explore outbuildings. First room: midden. The dwarf, Aslak the Unclean is lowered by rope into the filth and returns with a fine silver pendant.
  • Berserkers! One is charmed, but breaks the spell when he becomes enraged. A series of terrible rolls (e.g., three attacks in sequence all with natural 1) causes various fumbles, slips, lost weapons, etc. Two PCs are slain: One of the elven sisters, Tamara Birdfoot, with a crippling hit for 18 points of damage. 
  • A shadowing member of village runs into the fight and shatters one of the berserkers' heads with a morning star, turning the fight; the third elven sister shows up soon after. The berserkers are put to the sword and a sack with 100 gold nobles is found.
  • Searching a collapsed chimney: a wandering giant ant rushes upon the fighter. He plunges his polearm deep into the thing's maw: 10 points, and the thing keeps coming, crawling up the weapon to attack. A dagger in the flank puts it down.
  • Stables: The back room has giant mushrooms and more ants. The PCs withdraw, and reaction roll shows the ants let them.
  • An old destroyed brewery, and then a bakery are entered. The air is thick and yeasty; the back room old flour covered with yellow growth. The dwarf pokes it with a 10' pole, and a few spores slightly puff into the air.
  • Return to the ant's lair; a ruckus is made to lure them into an ambush. Two appear, and the wizard's sleep spell fells one (the other: natural 20 save). The party fall upon the other one and kill it.
  • Dwarf carefully avoid the mushrooms in the deeper room, and reappears with an old, gem-encusted horse halter. Another gold buckle is turned up by a searching elf. The party returns to the village.
  • Tia Birdfoot levels up: now a 1st-level Wizard/3rd-level Thief.

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