I'm in DCC

So at the start of September I started playing in a friend's Dungeon Crawl Classics game (exploring the Stonehell Dungeon) over in Williamsburg every other week or so. It's been pretty awesome! Most of the players are a lot younger than myself, and they've been nothing but inviting and totally cool. It's great to kick back and "just" be a player for a change, although it's balanced by the mix of anxiety and terror that you don't get quite the same as DM. On the other hand, my knowledge of old-school tropes sometimes comes off as almost uncanny foresight into what's about to happen, where treasure probably is, etc.

I think it was the second session where I was leafing through the enormous tome that is the DCC rulebook. There's an extensive recreation/love letter to the "Appendix N" literature list -- apparently Joseph Goodman actually read every single title mentioned there in advance of creating the game. Then this is followed by an "Appendix O" of online resources and blogs -- and I was pleasantly surprised and stunned to see that this very blog, Delta's D&D Hotspot, is included in that listing, as recommended reading.

Big thanks to Joseph Goodman and everyone at Goodman Games for the shout-out. We've been enjoying your excellent work!


  1. Congratulations! I can't wait to try DCC (both as a player and a GM).

  2. Isn't that a weird yet awesome feeling? Kinda like DCC itself...

    It's a nice club to be a part of!