Lou Zocchi at Gen Con 2015

A video from Lou Zocchi from Gen Con this past weekend:

(Tip to E. Gygax Jr. for posting this on Facebook.)


  1. Hey, sorry for commenting 3 times on your older post on balanced dice. I really don't know how that happened (posting from a smartphone is probably not a good idea), and that was before I saw you had a new post on the subject! It's good to see Lou back in business, and I need to pick up some of his dice.

    One of my GMs tested all of his dice using the salty water method, and yes, *all* of the Chessex two colour dice were heavily biased. When he then tested them by rolling, they rolled 20s twice as often as any other number. He then banned all two colour dice from his table.

    1. Fascinating! Thanks for telling us all about that.