Book of War Master Unit List by Mack Harrison

A few weeks ago, Mack Harrison sent me a really useful document -- a master list of all the units and heroes in Book of War, including the original book, plus various expansion posts here on the blog. Choice of font and layout is delightful as far as I'm concerned, too. Probably at some point this year a number of the costs shown here will get revised -- but for now it's state-of-the-art Book of War, and if you use the whole scope of the ruleset, this makes it very handy for players to choose their forces from all the options available. (Shades of D&D Supplements -> Monster Manual?) Get it below!


  1. this is great!

    Delta,(ha I almost wrote Deltoid), do you think that the next edition of BOW will have any rough rules for adding new units that doesn't require a computer program? I've thought some people would like that if their not sticklers for price perfection.

    Great to hear there is a BOW community out there. All we need now is some kind of forum to congregate on.

    1. Probably not. I'm pretty convinced that points-based type systems are always fundamentally flawed, so I wouldn't want to lead someone in the wrong direction. Comparing to existing units is a better way to go.

    2. That's sensible. I was actually going to try and make a simple formula based off the different costs of the existing units. Now I can't find my BOW! If there is one flaw in the book is that its too small and easy to lose! :D

    3. Aw, man! Email me if you need a digital copy to replace it: delta at superdan dot net.

  2. That is excellent. I'd just copied out the relevant sections of your posts and compiled them into one document.