Dice Set Comparisons

A wonderful comparison by Stephen Dickson of the WizDice 100-pack, versus the Chessex Pound-o-Dice. See his site on imgur.com for close-ups and analysis (link). More of this, please!

Wiz Dice 100-Pack

Chessex Pound-o-Dice


  1. The WizDice look like a real deal.

    I hope you don't mind if I ask an off topic question?

    I just picked up your Book of War. One thing I noticed is that there are no rules for rest or fatigue. Have you found these thing unnecessary? Slowed the game? or just not enough space for there inclusion?

    If you were to include them, how would go about it?

    I'd enjoy the possibility of you revisiting some Book of War topics in the future. I'm sure there's been some new ideas and developments since you first published the rules.

    1. Thanks for the interest! There's definitely more on the way this year.

      The primary thing is that I was dedicated in BOW to this principle: no paper record-keeping during play. All information is physically on the table (in the form of the number of miniatures, or a damage-die or routed marker). Fatigue is one of those things that traditionally requires counting a certain number of turns in action, i.e., outside record-keeping, which is kind of a drag and violates this principle I set for the game.

      The struggle with my casual player acquaintances is that the game is already borderline too complicated to maintain interest. And realistically, at this scale the battles don't last long enough for that to be a big factor, I don't think. Larger scale perhaps that would have to change. Good question!

  2. I think you're right about most battles not lasting enough time for fatigue to be a factor. But, I think they add some interesting choices and should be considered after 6 turns of continual action.

    Any comments or thoughts on the newly released 5e mass combat rules?

    1. Another good question -- I'm not following 5E closely, bit I did read the mass-war promotional article by Mike Mearls? At least they're backing off from the 3.5/4e idea of "everything a set piece for role-play action", and making it an actually playable game. If I recall there was some ambiguity in his wording of "hits" that made it sound like PCs would do the get-10-times-stronger-by-magic scaling issue on the battlefield, which to me is anathema. But it was ambiguous and I might have read it wrong.