Book of Spells – Call for Errata

If you couldn't guess from this summer's series of "Spells Through the Ages" posts, I've been looking carefully at the spells in my game recently. In fact, I think it's time to update my Book of Spells publication (see sidebar). You may recall that this project started a few years ago when I took the open-gaming 3E SRD and started cutting it down to a single paragraph each, hopefully revealing a spell similar to what we'd use in OD&D (and presented in a concise independent booklet). Over time I've been making sidebar edits and changes to that text, particularly in places when the 3E wording collided with what we wanted in the original game. So recently I've made a major sweep through the product, trying to refine the text further, make more cuts for brevity, and more often than not make the spells even more similar to the OD&D product.

Hopefully I'll release that new version some time this fall. But surely I've overlooked something. So I'd like to put the call out: if you've used Book of Spells at your table, what changes did you make? What are the top things you'd like to see changed in Version 2? Or thinking from the perspective of the written OD&D spells, are those always optimal, or else what are the top changes you'd make today?

And feel free to dig into any of the recent "Spells Through the Ages" conversations to see where we may be going for the hopefully "best" version of any of those spells. You can use the sidebar link to the Google search of those posts, or just click here. Comments welcome.

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