Game Jam: The Resistance

I would encourage you to read any or all of the following blog posts by participants in what was to be the "Polaris/ Maker Studio/ Mountain Dew GAME_JAM". It's a story of what happens when indie game developers interface with reality show production -- and the producers of the half-million-dollar show attempt to "generate story drama" by crapping on the minority women game developers. Namely: the developers rise as one, walk out en masse, and nuke the entire production from orbit. It's a meditation on ethics under fire (i.e., when it counts), and the power of union & community. It's the best thing I've personally read all week.

More links available in those stories. From the introduction of the last article:
“Remember when it was just the five of us,” one of my supervisors asked me, “playing Dungeons and Dragons over the taco shop?”

“Yeah,” I replied quietly. “But that was a long time ago.”