SciFi Saturday – Forgotten Photos

The other day I came across some hi-res photos that I took with my girlfriend's better camera while I was constructing custom Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks miniatures (mostly the fighter minis), but forgot to use in my prior posts as I was casting them. Since they give some nice detail to what I accomplished as an amateur sculptor, here they are today.

First, a close-up of a metal pour as it starts to cool:

The UPF Fighter trio figure:

The Sathar Fighter sculpture as it gets finished:

Sathar Fighter close-up:

Three Sathar Fighter casts next to a quarter for scale:


  1. Hi Delta,

    Have you considered using LEGO bricks to support your moulds? I use this all the time. also, I use plasticine instead of play- doh as there is none of the hassle factor you seem to have when cleaning up. Just my two pennies worth. Great blog!

    1. Good ideas! The fact that my girlfriend already had wooden braces made for the molds (although I didn't realize that for a while) means that's easier for me than other options. Others may find that really useful. The plasticine idea is a good one, though -- the play-doh cleaning process is definitely the worst part of all this, I should consider that in the future.