Star Frontiers Character Sheets

As a follow-up to my Monday post, I figured it might be interesting to present the pre-generated Star Frontiers characters that I offered in the game. I think they're pretty good examples of what fairly advanced characters look like there -- specifically, at the 200 XP level, likely with one key skill maxed out (6th level), and a good array of secondary skills, boosted abilities and racial powers, as well as equipment. Closely based on the original character sheet, they look like this:

Get the 8-pack pregen character file by clicking here for a PDF copy. Also, you can get a blank version as an ODS spreadsheet by clicking here. Among the niceties of this for filling out PCs: (1) It's easy to fill out & distribute copies in spreadsheet form, (2) Drop the correct number in the top-right cell and it automatically fills in racial name, abilities, and move scores, and (3) The encumbrance on the back side is automatically tallied and reduces the movement on the front side as necessary. It made filling out a whole series of premade PCs a whole lot easier for this game.

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