SciFi Saturday – Resource Links

Before I post any more of my stuff on the Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks game, I would be remiss if I didn't point out the other excellent sites online that are entirely dedicated to the game.
  1. StarFrontiers.com: Since 1993 (20 years now), StarFrontiers.com has been hosting, with permission from TSR/WOTC/Hasbro, downloads of all the official rules, modules, and counters for all of the Star Frontiers games. Access requires registration with an email but is otherwise free. In some sense this is a far more elegant situation than even the Open Gaming License put forward for D&D-type games. If you want to try out the Knight Hawks games I've been blogging about, just go ahead and grab yourself a copy of the official rules and counter sheets (and you'll need a big hex map, too). Highly recommended.

  2. StarFrontiers.us: The StarFrontiers.us site has a section called the "Port Lauren Public Library" which has numerous interesting downloads, including text-document archives of all the Star Frontiers articles that appeared in Ares magazine, Dragon #1-100, and separately, Dragon #101-150.

  3. Other Sites: Some other sites with nice indie add-ons to the Star Frontiers game include StarFrontiers.org, StarFrontiers.info, StarFrontiersman.com, StarFrontiers.wikia.com, and FrontierExplorer.org. Frequently what I'll grab from these sites are very cool custom maps and deck plans for various Knight Hawks ship types.


  1. And you can add http://frontierexplorer.org to that list as well. The Frontier Explorer is a fan magazine like the Star Frontiersman and has lots of indie add-on material for Star Frontiers and Knight Hawks.