Dungeon! Solitaire Variant

 In the last few weeks, my girlfriend and I have started pulling out the old Dungeon! boardgame (1975, in the purple box) and playing it after dinner nights, to great satisfaction. I'm not entirely sure why I never suggested it before now; seems like an oversight on my part. Anyway, at the bottom of the box is a somewhat yellowed piece of paper with rules for a solitaire variant I came up with, probably from 10 or 20 years ago. Now that I'm living in the future, it seems like a perfect opportunity to share it with you.

Dungeon! Solitaire Variant –

Become the Elven Lord Wizard!

Gold Combat
Level Title Returned Rank Spells
1 Veteran Medium 0 Elf 0
2 Warrior Seer 2,000 Elf 0
3 Swordmaster Conjuror 4,000 Elf 0
4 Hero Magician 8,000 Hero 0
5 Swashbuckler Enchanter 16,000 Hero 1
6 Myrmidon Warlock 32,000 Hero 2
7 Champion Sorcerer 64,000 Hero 3
8 Superhero Necromancer 120,000 Superhero 4
9 Lord Wizard 200,000 Wizard 6

Solitaire character starts out as an Elf (Veteran Medium) with zero returned gold. Use the "Returning Prizes for Safe Keeping" advanced rule. Character always retains the find Secret Doors ability (1-4) and can use any magic item. Advance levels by returning to the Main Staircase and owning the indicated total of gold returned. Use the combat rank listed or any previous one, whichever is best for a given monster. Memorization of spells is as normal for any Wizard (within the limits shown above).

(Note: My copy of the game has a grand total of 219,000 gold pieces value in the entire complex.)