Ghoul Poll Results

Very interesting results for the polls on Ghouls I put up the other week; thanks to everyone who responded. The somewhat surprising overwhelming agreement (81%) was that ghouls should only get one paralysis opportunity per round -- whether that be done by limiting them to just one attack, or only the bite attack paralyzes, or just one save regardless of total hits, or something else. Similar agreement was reached on the idea of ghouls taking a penalty to hit in full sunlight (83%); but there was closer debate on the issues of ghouls being fearless/morale-immune (58% said yes), or how many total attacks they should get (32% said "one" as in the LBBs, 53% said "three" as in all later editions). Gratifyingly, the broad consensus (one paralyzing attack, penalty in light, morale-immune) matches the rules that I currently use in my home OD&D game, and also the Book of War statistics for ghouls that were posted not too long ago. I was expecting to go back and revise those profiles based on poll results, but it turns out that I don't have any work to do there (extra thanks! :-). I do keep ghouls at one attack roll as per OD&D -- but that's a minor matter, as the real punch comes from how many paralyzing attempts they get per round. So, that was really great feedback.

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