Book of War Review: Swords Against the Outer Dark

Another great overview of Book of War from Shane over at the Swords Against the Outer Dark blog. If you haven't visited yet, he has one of the greatest subtitles in the entire blogosphere -- "Sword & Sorcery Gaming Meets Cthulhiana and Yog-Sothothery". Here's part of what he wrote this week:
All in all, I highly recommend Book of War to anyone needing a simple, yet solid, set of mass combat rules for their D&D campaign. What Delta has delivered with this book epitomizes the do-it-yourself spirit the Old-School Renaissance is supposed to be about. BoW is exactly the kind of product that I love seeing come out of the OSR. Personally, I plan to use these rules in an upcoming game, and can't wait to see them in action.
How cool is that? If he can find use for Book of War in the context of desperate battles against slavering legions of the Old Ones, then I'll have to say that all of my hopes for the product have come true. (And of course it should be compatible with any close fork off the classic D&D path like his -- Original D&D, B/X, Swords and Sorcery etc. -- as long as you've got Hit Dice, Armor Class, Movement scores, and a comfort with adding some numbers to dice-rolls, then you've got the basics assumed by the system.) Thanks for the kind words, Shane!


  1. Glad to do it, Delta!

    On a side note, I realized I had a typo, and it shows in the quote you used... "optimizes" should have read "epitomizes." I am not sure what happened there, so I am blaming spell check! :-)

  2. Nice, now I've edited it so it matches your blog again. Much respect to the revision attention. :-)