Super Saturday: People in Your Neighborhood Pt. 3

One more entry in the "superheroes around my neighborhood of Bay Ridge" category -- just recently I was re-reading Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns:

Did you notice where that dastardly deed took place? Bay Ridge, of course.

... Hey, wait a minute. That's supposed to be Gotham City.... Oh my god!

Attention! Important observation of interest to all comic fans -- Is it possible that Gotham City is actually just a stand-in for New York? And did I just blow your freaking mind!?

[Page from The Dark Knight Returns, p. 117, by Frank Miller]


  1. I wonder when Gotham became Chicago? It was certinaly long before the current batch of movies.

  2. Wasn't Gotham always supposed to be New York? I'm surprised anyone thinks otherwise. The first time there was ever any evidence to the contrary was some time in the 80s when Mayfair Games published a supplement for the DC Heroes RPG that replaced Cape May, NJ, with Gotham and Lewes, DE, with Metropolis. No one was associating Gotham with Chicago before the Chris Nolan film series, which was shot largely in Chicago. Bill Finger once said they didn't call it New York because they didn't want anyone to identify too closely with any real city. But it's always been NYC.

  3. Of course, "Gotham" was originally a nickname for New York, dating from Washington Irving stories from 1807.