Book of War Expansion: Giants Galore

In the published version of Book of War, in the Advanced Rules section on fantasy troop types, there is only one generic type of giant listed (i.e., hill giants). For some time I had other types of giants included there, but relatively late in the process I decided it was better for thematic and space purposes to replace them with other stuff. Below, you'll see the other giant types that appear in the OD&D Vol-2, Monsters & Treasure book. Perhaps what's really interesting here are the prices; most of the other statistics are converted directly from by-the-book D&D. (Text between the rules below is hereby indicated as Open Game Content.)

Unit Cost MV AH HD Notes
Giants, Stone 60 12 5 9 Throw stones, damage 2
Giants, Frost 65 12 5 10 Throw stones, damage 2, cold-immune
Giants, Fire 70 12 5 11 Throw stones, damage 2, fire-immune
Giants, Cloud 80 12 5 12 Throw stones, damage 3, detect invisible

Giants: Most giants throw stones at ROF 1, range 20", damage 2. Stone giants specially have damage 3 on throwing attacks. Cloud giants can detect any hidden or invisible foes within 6" with their keen sense of smell.

Keep in mind: Each type above represents a mass troop at 1:10 scale -- that is, as usual, each figure purchased represents a team of 10 giants working together. Solitary giants should cost about one-tenth as much -- and in fact, several such types do appear in the published book section on Heroes (where I felt they were a better fit for the advanced giant types of Frost, Fire, etc.; and where they play off nicely against special attack forms such as dragon breath and wizard spells). We've analyzed the giants' throwing stones ability before (here, here, and here). Also, I've used the mass Frost Giants to attack the Keep several times in my Siege on the Borderlands using these rules (here and here). And finally: Storm Giants are a special case -- they did not appear in D&D until Sup-I Greyhawk; they have special abilities beyond the scope of the ones above; and I'll leave their discussion for a later time.


  1. I do hope that you'll be publishing an expansion with all of this information in it.

  2. Thanks! I agree, that's a nice goal to have. :-)

  3. In your text you mention that stone giants have a damage 3 attack, but in the stat block it's the cloud giants with that ability. Which one is the error?

  4. Paul -- Actually neither. Since most creatures don't have missile attacks, "damage" by default in the stat block indicates melee damage, and missiles get described later. So what you have is:

    Stone Giants -- Melee dam 2, missile dam 3.
    Cloud Giants -- Melee dam 3, missile dam 2.

    I guess in theory maybe that could be clearer, but this is the only case so far where that's come up.