Book of War Figure Zoom-In

When you see a Book of War figure that looks like this:

Sometimes it helps to keep in mind that it really represents this:

That is: 10 individuals at man-to-man scale, arranged in 2 ranks of 5 files each. Grid spaces in the picture above are 3 feet each (or 3⅓ feet per DMG p. 10, if you prefer). Total length on one side of the formation is 5 spaces × 3 feet/space = 15 feet; i.e., the same as one figure in BOW scale (top picture), ¾ inch base × 20 feet/inch scale = 15 feet.


  1. I find it interesting that you've got empty space pictured both in front and behind the unit. Shouldn't it instead have 1.5 spaces in front or behind each rank? What would it look like if you had two book of war models front to back, thus representing 4 ranks of 5 files? What would it look like if you expanded out two models facing each other for combat? (That might be an argument for the empty space being behind the rank instead of in front.) Or perhaps I'm just being far too literal here?

  2. Paul -- You might be right, possibly I'm a bit too enamored with the symmetry I've created here. But I do feel good about recognizing some "squishiness" to the shape (could get squeezed in further on contact with the enemy), which to my understanding is realistic. And it's kind of a nice middle ground between the extreme options.

  3. Swords and spells talks about open spacing as well for chaotic/undicsiplined forces. I believe it's 1" between allies as well, so while 4 elves armed with spears could fit in a 10' hallway, only 2 orcs with longswords could stand against them.

  4. UWS Guy -- In S&S that's for the unorganized formation type (chaotic-types could be in "mass" instead), and only for "two or more stands" at a time (i.e., minimum 200+ troops). [S&S p. 6]