Friday, March 11, 2011


Did you know that most color scientists no longer recognize "indigo" as a distinct color in the visible spectrum (as opposed to Newton's original 7-color scheme)? I didn't. Makes sense, though.

(For more popular-but-incorrect acronyms, see my anti-PEMDAS screed over at


  1. xkcd's color survey seems to confirm that indigo is bogus and suggests more people recognize a teal between blue and green.

  2. We still pronounce it roy-g-biv when we teach it, we just neglect to mention what the I is.


    FIRST they take away Brontosaurus, THEN they demote Pluto, now THIS?!

    These frikkin' scientists need to stop fiddling around with this retcon nonsense and work on the important stuff like robots and jetpacks!

  4. I'm with bighara here. These pixel fiddling pedants call themselves scientists; I bet they haven't got a death ray or gorilla-with-a-transplanted-human-brain henchman between them!

  5. So, the last two posters are proposing a retro-clone of the Universe because they don't like the recent changes in the latest edition?

    Hmm. Sounds sort of familiar...

  6. Indigo always sounded bogus to me. "What, you mean dark blue?"

    Of course I'll still use it for description. How else will we categorize certain Ioun Stones?!

  7. Wow, didn't think this post would get that much of a reaction! :)

    Jeff: That is a distinctly awesome link (as always for xkcd). Thanks so much for sharing it!

    BlUsKrEEm: Really interesting!