Super Saturday: Annotated Secret Wars

After the post on the Secret Wars comic last week, I pulled out my copy of the associated adventure for the Marvel Super Heroes RPG game (MHSP1: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars). I realized that, at some point (likely the last few years) -- without ever having run it -- I had gone through and made a bunch of sidebar notes of things to change; so I figured I'd present them here if anyone's interested. These are not major changes -- as is my wont, they're fine-tuning operations, mostly to make the adventure more like the comic. Roster Booklet
  • p. 9, Galactus' Cat: (P1) Allow only 3 hits maximum against eyes/mouth. (P2) Paralyzing foam should last 6 rounds?
  • (Added general house-rules note: When I play MSH, I allow "sharp" attacks to ignore Body Armor up to their power/material strength. Examples: Wolverine's claws, Hawkeye's sharp-headed arrows, etc.)
Adventure Book
  • p.3, Running Events: (P1) Shifts are 6 hours each (4/day). (P4) In summary, heroes cannot be on work detail more than 1 shift in a row.
  • p. 8, The Tempest: (P2) Listed damage of Un/Mn is for someone outside for a whole shift. Damage per round is only Gd/Ty.
  • p. 9, Sneak Attack: (P3) Molecule Man will destroy HeroBase; other villains possibly "bomb" heroes with wreckage. (P4) Say finding safe spot requires 2 Red Intuition FEATS from the whole team (not every PC). (P5) Escape requires a Shift X power, or two Unearthly powers working in tandem.
  • p. 9, The Worldship: (P3) Mentally removed intruders take Unearthly damage (see p. 5-6)
  • p. 9, And Now... Galactus!: (P4) Underline "if the heroes do not do so by Day 7"!
  • p. 9, And Doom Against All: (P3) Information was gained using Klaw.
  • p. 11, Patrol: (P1) Or giant tank with stasis ray (instead of indicated vehicle).
  • p. 12, Professor X: (P1) Or should he lose half Karma for every battle he joins?
  • p. 13, The Thing: (P1) Or should he change on a failed Psyche roll?
  • p. 13, Magneto: (P2) Magneto may take a single prisoner to talk with.
  • p. 15, Lizard: (P1) Villains will be sent to re-capture him later.
  • p. 15, Ultron: (P2) Strikeout last sentence regarding disintegrator. Instead suggest rare usage, like 1 time per shift?
Missing Secret Wars Comic Scenes
  • Magneto's solo attack, Wasp's capture
  • Doom offers alliance to Magneto
  • Destruction of HeroBase & bombing
  • Zsaji attracts patients as side-effect of power
  • Doom considers sending villains to distract Galactus with attack
  • Zsaji's mental-image gas
  • Random find of Venom symbiote
  • Galactus' defensive drones
  • Confrontation with Beyonder -- effects on planet/req. for power
  • Omnipotent Doom/ Tower of Doom/ Klaw's Army/ reduced Beyonder/ ascendant Molecule Man
General Suggestion
  • Consider running without Denver slab?


  1. I ran this a few years ago for a solo campaign and wrote up my own slightly streamlined version of it. It played pretty well and I think felt a lot like the comic. I'd be happy to share it on request.

    1. Great, I'd love to see it! (I think you have my email already, right?)