Fight On! #8

Hey, the new Fight On! magazine just came out (Issue #8, Winter 2010, 88 packed pages, available in print and PDF). I've got an article published on page 10 called "Supersize Me!" presenting a way to use consistent Strength and Constitution scores for your big humanoids and giants (including possible special NPCs and even PCs?) As usual, there was a whole lot of statistical regression analysis by me that we left out of the publication, which I might present here in the future. Best of all is the fact that I got published in a magazine with a cover by Erol Otus, who contributed to some of my worst nightmares circa 1980. I think I just leveled!


  1. Hey, good for you Dan, congrats. Though I'm a bit concerned, apparently I missed picking up issue #7! Sheesh, now I'll have to buy both.

  2. I'm still interested in exactly how you arrived at these numbers.

  3. ^ Thanks for reminding me. I don't when I'll get to it, but I'll bump up the priority of that in my list right now.