OED: Book of Spells

We just published a volume on Lulu, entitled Original Edition Delta: Book of Spells. It's a concise, comprehensive collection of magic spells for use with the "original edition" fantasy game rules (as published by Gygax & Arneson, 1974-1975).

Personally, I always wished that the magic spells were set aside in their own booklet (instead of filling up the basic player's book), and now we have that. It uses the OGL to extract the bare-bones original rules back out of current, freely available source material.

Myself, I plan to print one of these out for each of the wizard players in my games (or whatever subsection they need: for example, the 1st-level spells all fit on one page again, so I just hand new players that and tell them it's their entire spellbook). I also made some minor edits to particular spells after playing with them for 30 years, which may or may not outrage you personally. :-)

It's 18 pages, with interior art on about 1/4 of the text pages where it fit. Available on Lulu as a download for $3.50 or printed with extra cover art for $7. Tell us what you think!



  1. Looks interesting -- any chance you can post an excerpt gratis? Perhaps a table of contents and 1st level spells from one of the classes? That gives an idea of what to expect from the product without giving it all away.


    - Chris

  2. Hey Vedron -- If you go straight to Lulu you'll see a "Preview" button that's exactly that, shows you pages 1-7 (including contents, foreword, and the page of 1st level spells). Wizards only in the book, of course.

  3. Just fous my way over here from grognardia. Your math skills do you justice. One of the best blogs I've read. I enjoyed going through and reading all your old posts.