A Trite Expression

From a column this week by Jim Rossignol at Offworld.com:
Games don't necessarily have to be fun to be engaging. Indeed "fun" seems like a trite expression in the face of some contemporary projects: games can provoke more than simple enjoyment. Look at the terrifying crypts of Stalker, or the strange sadness of Shadow of the Colossus. To realise that games ride on more than fun only takes a quick glance at the bigger picture.

Sing it, brother! Of course, this is just prelude to an interesting article about other new developments, highly recommended. Plus, discussion at Slashdot.

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  1. I think games will have the hardest go of breaking out of the fun ghetto of any form. Because they are interactive, they have tremendous potential to eclipse any other form. Yet, that interactivity is a massive off ramp for so many.

    Really difficult lessons or observations are easier to swallow in a passive form. The author shares, the audience absorbs. When you ask people to get involved, it's easy for them to opt out.